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Are you not losing yourself to get relationships?


Are you not losing yourself to get relationships? 

Warning Signs & Signals That Considered Losing Yourself In A Relationship

Be it any relationship, it wants something, some promises, some dreams, some conditions, some harmony and change too... Relationships are a kind of beautiful bond... But these bonds look good only till then. As long as you feel peace and happiness even by being bound in them, but when this bondage starts to feel like a burden, then understand that you are bound too much and you are eating yourself to get and live your relationships And are forgetting to live for themselves. Whenever such a situation comes, stop once, stop and think, will you be able to move forward in this way and by how long you will be able to take them forward?

 It is true that in relationships, sometimes you have to compromise on your own preferences, sometimes on your desires, because the second name of relationships is adjustment.

Compromise and change are also necessary to maintain relationships. You have to change and there is no harm in it, but while doing this, lest these changes prove to be cumbersome for you?

If you compromise on everything from your side, then obviously you are raising the expectations of the other person.

Suppose, to increase the life of a relationship, many things have to be compromised on many things, but you have to compromise on everything, then everyone's expectations increase, they feel that this work is their responsibility.

But there comes a time when this one-sided change made by you becomes overwhelming and you regret your own decision.

It is obvious that women have to make these changes in most of the cases, due to which the burden of relationships, work, and responsibilities increases on them, and the expectations from them also increase.

But often women lose themselves to get and save their relationships.

 Relationship Problems

 She not only keeps on covering her responsibilities, but keeps on forgetting and sacrificing her health, her decisions, her dreams, and even her happiness.

- Ignores her health so much that it only becomes heavy for her in the future.

Even if he himself becomes ill, then he has to recover quickly just because he starts worrying about other family members and household chores.

Even after getting sick, she suffers from the guilt that her family is facing so much trouble due to her health.

- To what extent is all this justified? You are not finding relationships, but you are losing yourself, because the relationship is to be played equally on both sides and the sharing of responsibilities is also equal, only then the relationship means, otherwise they are meaningless.

In such a situation, the question arises that what should be done?

- Be clear about your work and responsibilities from the beginning.

You must show that yes, you will change, but the other person will have to change as well.

 Relationship Problems

 Don't expect change from you alone every time and in every situation.

Balance is important in relationships. Do not change only you, ask your partner and other members also to support you by adopting a cooperative attitude.

Do not wear all the responsibilities related to relationships and home yourself.

Make other people realize their responsibilities as well. Divide the responsibilities. For this, all the householders make a timetable and follow it.

Do everything and everything with love, so that no one feels bad, because even with love, a lot can be done and done.

It would be better if you the first talk to your partner, take them into confidence, they will cooperate and they will change for you, then it will be easy.

 Relationship Warning

Learn to say no to some things too. If you will make habit of everyone from the beginning that you are ready to compromise on everything, then you will be expected every time.

It would be better to take time for yourself too. Let your dreams take flight as well. You will be happy, only then you will be able to work in a better way. If you keep bowing down on everything, then you will get yourself in trouble.

Pamper yourself. Go to a movie or dinner with friends. It is not necessary that you go out every time with your husband or children.

Never prepare food and order it from outside.

Take full care of your fitness and beauty too.

If everything is expected of you, then sometimes it is necessary to break the expectations.

It is for you to decide that no one takes you casually. Learn to love yourself.

- If you also work all day, then you also have the right to rest. Decide the weekly off for yourself and tell the family members too. On that day, either someone else prepares food or asks for it from outside and everyone should share the responsibility of working and working for themselves.

It is not necessary that everyone's wishes should be fulfilled every time. Has it ever happened that your wishes have been noticed by someone?

Whatever relationships you have given, do the family members even realize it? If not, then you have to realize.

Everyone has the responsibility of maintaining and maintaining relationships, so everyone has to take responsibility. Why do you keep doing everything except your dreams?

- All these things are not only for women, but for every member who gives everything to the relationship, but in return, they are not even appreciated and they are taken advantage of knowingly or unknowingly. is expected.

Relationship Problems

- As far as you feel comfortable and when the relationship breaks down, there is no harm in compromising or retreating two steps, but if you feel frustrated and suffocated, then think for yourself, there is no harm in it.

- It often happens that the person who goes on fulfilling the expectations and after a time he wants to say or do something for himself, then he is called selfish because everyone starts to feel that it is only for us. Everything should be done, this is its responsibility, so how can it think for itself?

It would be better not to raise people's expectations so much before such thinking develops and do not lose yourself so much that others cannot even find yourself.

Take care of your health before the health of others, fulfill the dreams of others, but do not suppress your dreams completely. Do not forget to live, do something for yourself, to make yourself happy, it will not be selfish, but it will work as a lifesaver to get relationships and not eat yourself. Your wish ahead.



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